Survey Reveals Value for Ag

NEWSCrop and livestock producers and those who serve and support the production industry may look online for connection. But it can be hard to “talk business” in front of those who don’t understand agriculture. There’s a lot of internet pushback. Read More >

3 Big Decisions

NEWSBeck Ag, a leader in facilitating ag business conversations, is inviting producers and others in agriculture to participate in a free educational Experience Exchange Panel focused on three major trends in agriculture:

  1. Land ownership changes
  2. Use of precision and decision tools that generate “big data”
  3. Transitioning farm leadership to the next generation

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Change is Tough

As humans, we’re hard-wired to want things to stay the same. We want our comfortable clothes and our comfortable environments. Depending on how engrained you are, and whether you’re holding the remote, you may not even want to change the channel. Read More >

Solutions during Challenge

The way we’re feeling in parts of the Midwest today from the weather threat isn’t all that different from how the agricultural economy feels these days. Forecasters are predicting large amounts of snow and wind. Batten down the hatches. Go to the grocery store. Read More >

Beck Ag Acquires Adayana ABG

NEWSBeck Ag, a leader of experience-sharing and market influence in the Ag industry, announces the acquisition of agriculture assets of Adayana Agribusiness Group, to expand the company’s solution portfolio and diversify its customer base. Read More >

Christmas Chores

For the next two weeks the pace slows and we have time to reflect and invest in our relationships that are most important. I find it interesting as I’ve grown up that my father never slowed down this time of year. Christmas chores SantaIn fact, this season often meant extra chores, and him doing chores alone as everyone else had the day off. I remember taking two vehicles to Grandma’s so Dad could go home right before Christmas dinner and do chores. I remember waiting for him to return before we could eat, before we could open presents. My brother now leaves for those two to three hours in the late afternoon to do chores, and we wait for him to return. Read More >

The Social Plan

What does your company hope to accomplish online? Social media shows up in a lot of marketing and PR budgets, but we’re past the days of being there just because it’s the new thing. Social media marketing needs to be integrated with the rest of the marketing strategy. Read More >

Exerting Influence

At the core of marketing or good communication, is influence. We think about what we can say or do to interest someone in our product or service. How can we influence? Read More >

Social Connection

How did you do last week with your social connection? Did you spend time visiting with people outside of your typical daily circle? Did you learn something new? Did you have any tense moments because of a difference of opinion? If so, what did you do then? Read More >

Coming Together

I’ve been talking about some of the issues that are created within organizations when Sales and Marketing teams get separated in their missions. It’s important to meet at the planning process, so both groups are headed in the same direction with a shared vision. But there’s more detail work that goes into the process. Read More >