We’ve taken the power of peer-influence and used it to create customized, interactive programs that engage ag professionals in conversations focused on professional development. Our clients can offer these “turn-key” programs to their retail customers to enhance relationships and build retailers’ confidence with improved skills and product knowledge. Continuing education or certification is often an option.

Market instruction programs are customized for each client’s unique objectives.

Some strategies include:

  • Peer learning classes to provide a range of “soft” skill set instruction
  • Technical certification instruction to meet continuing educational requirements
  • Product use knowledge and stewardship instruction to support sales and marketing objectives
  • BeckAgConnects – our social media site that offers private group conversations to aid in on-going learning

With our proven processes and a team of experienced ag professionals, we’ve conducted valuable classes for thousands of ag professionals on a variety of topics.

Beck Ag deploys these market instruction strategies in several ways:

  • Live instructional events
  • Web conference instructional events
  • Online self-directed instructional modules

Peer learning classes are a hit

Our programs combine the convenience of Internet-based learning and the interaction of live training to create an enhanced educational opportunity. Participants receive action-oriented skills that can be applied on the job immediately, impacting business results.

Beck Ag’s peer learning classes have been successful in delivering educational opportunities to help our client’s customers improve their business results while also giving our clients another way to differentiate their business.

The classes offer a number of key benefits:

  • Convenience for participants and effective use of their time
  • Opportunity to interact with peers and have access to subject matter experts
  • Ability to educate on hot topics just in time for use of the skills/information in the field
  • A focus on knowledge and/or skills that can be applied on the job immediately
  • Continuing education credit or other accreditation options

Examples of some of the classes held in the past include: Selling Value, Resolving Objections, Coaching for Peak Performance, Interpersonal Skills, Business Basics, Precision Ag, Protecting Crops through Sprayer Application Technology and Complaint Handling. We’ve also created product-specific classes focused on understanding best practices and the latest industry information.

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