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Forecasted grower budget intentions are a critical planning assumption for crop input manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Even small year-over-year swings in budget intent within a category, positive or negative, can have dramatic influences on production/supply, logistics, marketing effectiveness, the nature of customer(s) relationships, organization/sales team/sales person revenue performance, and ultimately the bottom line. Read More >

Sheila O’Dea and Robert Weaver Join Beck Ag

Beck Ag, Inc., a company dedicated to providing measurable go-to-market solutions for agriculture companies and organizations, is expanding its market insight and strategic intelligence competencies with the hiring of Sheila O’Dea as vice president of Go-To-Market Solutions, Ag IQ and Robert Weaver as vice president of Ag Insight. Read More >

Learning Lessons: Social Media Campaigns in Ag

Producers and those in the channel are learning and making decisions every day using their preferred mediums. A strong go-to-market strategy must include multiple tactics that work across mediums to move decision-makers and influencers from awareness to adoption as quickly as possible. As social and mobile capabilities increase, so does the use of these platforms by decision-makers in our industry to get the information they need. Smart phones have changed the flow of information, and we all know that most folks in the ag industry have some sort of social media account. In fact, 1 of every 5 minutes people in the US spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram. Read More >

The Jacket

It doesn’t fit anymore, but I still have it. It is faded a bit and my kids have tried it on. All the pins are still in place. It has been almost 35 years since I’ve worn it. That jacket, in that box in our basement, has more memories and more learning than all of my other high school classes combined. Read More >