The Right Mix

The trendy space of digital “impressions” and “clicks” takes a hit.

Digital advertising has been the buzz for several years. A recent article about two of the largest digital advertisers in the world cutting their digital spend by over 50% caught our attention. What can we take away and learn from it? “In my previous roles, leading marketing efforts for two leading ag companies, we jumped on the trend of digital, but I’m now a firm believer in re-evaluating and making sure we have a balanced mix and targeting our marketing with purpose by segment,” said Dave Korbelik, VP Go-To-Market Solutions at Beck Ag. Read More >

Changing Minds and Taking Names

How do you know that your marketing plan has done it’s job?

There are all sorts of things to measure. As business gets more competitive, ultimately, demands from senior management are going to include measuring what is most likely to turn a prospect into a customerRead More >

Goal: Behavior Change

Marketing is a journey, from awareness to familiarity to intrigue. Those typically happen before you get to the point where a potential customer wants to know more….before they investigate, consider and decide. Read More >

A Jump on Sales

If you’re in sales, you know there’s always limited time to do what you need to do in order to make your numbers. Doing sales well is about allocating your time to the proper 20 percent, if you consider the 80/20 rule. Are you spending most of your time getting to know and understanding the motivations of your best prospects? And how do you know who your best prospects are? Read More >


This past week I’ve been totally on the road meeting with new clients. I finally have had time to review comments and information from our company meeting which included transcripts we have from our client panel discussion. This quote from Doug Griffin, president of New Solutions Consulting Group, stood out: Read More >

Customer Votes Matter

When a customer has a complaintIn the social media space, we hear a lot about the importance of listening. If you’re a company on social media, the job is not just to fire off posts, but also to pull up a chair and pay attention to what people are saying. Listening has always been important in experiential marketing and in your relationship with customers. Social media just reinforces that. Read More >

Our Scholars

NEWSBeck Ag is announcing this year’s scholarship winners:  Kyle Kassel from Emmetsburg, Iowa, Travis Koester from Wadesville, Indiana and Caitlyn Ochsner from Kersey, Colorado.



Read More >


TRUSTTrust is inversely proportionate to self-interest. That’s a line that we heard recently as Dr. Scott Downey from Purdue spoke to the Beck Ag Company meeting.

When you put your interest aside and focus on the other party in a transaction, be it personal or business, you have the ability to build trust. And Downey also suggested that self-interest is displayed by talking and not listening. Read More >

Strategy and Execution

imagesMarketing is big and wide. It’s so many things. And often times when we think about marketing from the perspective of the customer, we’re focused on the tactical piece. Unless it’s really off base. Recently in one day’s mail I received three different advertising post cards that made me wonder if these marketers had any strategy at all behind their tactics. Clearly I was not in the target demographic for any of the three products. Read More >


Sixteen was the magic number on Friday as I drove from the National Agri-Marketing Association conference in Kansas City to Omaha. I saw sixteen people in the field – with soil finishers, anhydrous tanks and planters. Spring is here. Read More >